Ennov Process

Flexible and Compliant Business Process Management Software

  • Full traceability of your processes
  • Collaborate effectively – 100% web-based
  • Flexibility to automate any business process
  • Fit for highly regulated, global industries
  • Cloud-based or on-premises deployment

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The BPM challenge

Imagine improving business operational efficiency while ensuring regulatory compliance. Sound impossible? Well the good news is that it is possible thanks to Business Process Management Software (BPMS) from Ennov.

Regulated companies must control their business processes for both quality and regulatory reasons. At the same time, they must make these processes as efficient and effective as possible to decrease time to market and remain competitive.

Manual, paper-based processes can get bogged down and are very hard to manage, track and control. They are also slow, error prone and notoriously difficult to scale and deploy globally.

If these challenges seem all too familiar, a comprehensive fully-integrated BPMS can help streamline your business operations, ensure compliance and increase your overall efficiency.

Benefits of BPMS

  • Control: Eliminate variability and ensure adherence with company policies and procedures
  • Collaboration: Connect disparate parts of the organization through a unified digital platform
  • Compliance: Meet 21 CFR Part 11 and GxP requirements
  • Efficiency: Automated tasks, progress tracking and electronic notifications converge to eliminate bottlenecks and delays
  • Agility: Quickly and easily update process models to react to business changes without IT involvement
  • Accessibility: 100% web-based solution provides 24/7 availability. Local language user interface connects global users on a single platform.

Streamline any type of business process

Most operational processes can be automated using our configurable form builder and robust workflow modeling capabilities.

The workflow engine supports dynamic assignment of participants, criteria-based routing and complex transition rules. Workflows can trigger sub-processes or other workflows. Our intelligent forms builder facilitates the capture of process information through simple configuration and requires zero programming.

Configurable views can be used to present information in a variety of ways and include dynamic filters, sorting and grouping.


Eliminate Bottlenecks and Avoid Delays

Ennov Process allows you to automate your workflows and enforce the event sequence, workflow participants and business rules that you have defined. Processes that deviate from the defined path or remain stalled for months become a thing of the past.

The process form associated with each workflow retains the information needed at each process step. Each workflow participant has the information needed to complete their task in the proper context. Email notifications and escalations ensure that no process step becomes stalled.

Now anyone can follow any activity, track pending or completed tasks and monitor participant activity to eliminate bottlenecks and avoid delays.


Handling Multiple Business Processes

Our customers use Ennov Process for quality, regulatory, R&D, legal and commercial process management. Ennov Process’ high degree of configurability and seamless integration with our Electronic Document Management System (Ennov Doc), our composite document and publishing system (Ennov Dossier) and our data visualization and reporting tools (Ennov Report) allows them the flexibility to meet their internal organizational needs as well as those of their business partners.

For example, Ennov Process is being used by Life Science customers for NC/CAPA and deviations management, customer claims management, internal and external audit management, product launch management, Risk management.

As an added benefit, Ennov Process fully complies with FDA’s 21 CFR part 11 requirements (electronic signature, audit trail, records management), making it a perfect fit for regulated industries such as pharmaceutical, biotechnology, animal health, medical device and others.

Customers Love

  • Comprehensive: same web application for processes, documents, reporting and composite documents
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliant: complete audit trail, two-step electronic signature authentication
  • Flexible and agile: workflows, forms, views are configurable without IT intervention
  • User-friendly: easy search, metadata driven views, integrated dashboard



  • Visual workflow and form editing
  • Powerful workflow engine: Sub workflows, workflow synchronization
  • Flexible rights management
  • Workflow versioning
  • Real-time reporting and visibility
  • Integrated with Ennov document and dossier management
  • Full text and advanced multi-criteria search
  • REST API for advanced integration
  • Intelligent forms: adapt to process step and actor
  • 100% web-based




Cloud-based or On Site





Ennov DOC in our content management solution.

Ennov Doc

Electronic document management, advanced and compliant

Ennov Dossier

Composite document management

Ennov Process

Flexible BPMS

Ennov Report

Datamart and reporting solution

Why Choose Ennov ?

Hundreds of corporate customers trust Ennov Process

  • Over 15 Years of experience providing electronic document management solutions
    • 150+ life science customers, many more in other industries
  • Modern architecture and interface
    • Highly scalable application server
    • 100% web-based and user-centric design
  • You matter to us
    • 98.5% of projects delivered on time and within budgets
    • Very high levels of customer satisfaction

We respect your freedom of choice

  • Available for cloud-based or on-premises deployment
    • You can switch between options at any time.
  • We make you autonomous
    • Configuration and management require no IT skills
    • Integration through REST API
  • Improved security and optimized performance.
    • If cloud-based deployment is selected, we offer single-tenancy to minimize business interruption
    • Data are hosted locally for total flexibility

Structuring AND intuitive




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