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Simplified Training Planning and Monitoring

  • Automated customized training
  • Configureable multiple choice questionnaires
  • Fit for global regulated industries
  • Cloud or on premise

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The Quality Training Challenge

Managing the training requirements required for compliance with your quality standards can be labor intensive and time consuming work. A fully integrated electronic Learning Management System can greatly simplify the planning, execution and management of your training program through automation and the elimination of paperwork and manual administrative tasks.

Ennov Training is purpose-built eLearning solution that is part of the Ennov Quality suite. It allows Quality, Human Resources and Department Managers to build flexible training curriculums, monitor compliance, evaluate staff proficiency and maintain inspection-ready training records without a heavy administrative burden.

Ennov Training helps you stay flexible, audit-ready and compliant while ensuring all staff members have the requisite knowledge to perform their duties at an optimal level.

Benefits of Ennov Training

  • Visibility: Real time monitoring of training progress within each department
  • Integration: Native connectivity with Ennov Doc
  • Efficiency: Automates record keeping, eliminates paperwork and administrative burden
  • Compliance: Meet 21 CFR Part 11, GxP and ISO requirements
  • Flexibility: Specialized training curriculums accelerate employee on-boarding
  • >Availability: 100% web-based solution is ideal for global deployments

Make the Most of Document Management

Automate the training of staff on quality documentation and keep your training records up-to-date and inspection ready. Follow the progress of each employee as they work through their assigned curriculum and always know who is on schedule or lagging behind.

Ennov Training is intrinsically integrated with Ennov Doc, our comprehensive and innovative Electronic Document Management System. Automatically trigger eLearning workflows following the versioning of documents to expedite the training process. Leverage built-in tracking reports to assess each department’s performance and the progress being made against the training plan.


Designate Tasks

Manage the required training curriculums by profile or function within your organization and designate the sessions or modules relevant to each person or role. Accelerate and monitor the on-boarding of new employees through tailored learning programs.

Each curriculum can include documents, presentations, videos or other digital assets and can be assigned to groups or individuals. Ensuring the curriculums are aligned with internal corporate guidelines and policies is key to maintaining compliance with your quality standards and an important factor in maximizing both individual and corporate performance.


Validate Prior Learning

Have confidence that your employees’ professional skills have been verified and comply with your quality standards and industry best practices (e.g. ISO, GxP).

Ennov Training’s intuitive interface is designed for both the users and administrators and help automate and fast-track the learning process. Specify how each person’s training is verified using a basic “read and understood” process or a more sophisticated proficiency assessment complete with a multiple choice questionnaire.

Automated reports verify that all personnel have been properly trained on the requisite documents and procedures applicable to their function and make audits and inspections far less stressful.

Customers Love

  • Easy management of training
  • Compliance with 21 CFR part 11, GxPs and ISO standards
  • Graphical indicators of training progress
  • User-friendly notifications and overviews of training programs
  • Best practices implementation for rapid deployment



  • Manage your new arrivals and fast-track onboarding
  • Create, schedule and track online courses
  • Build specialized training programs by role or individual
  • Develop personal skill inventories
  • Monitor training progress in real time
  • Implement online assessments with configurable multiple choice questions
  • Automated archival and retrieval of training records and history




Cloud-based or On Site





Ennov Training – one of Ennov’s quality management solutions.

Ennov Doc

Electronic document management, advanced and compliant

Ennov Process

Flexible BPMS

Ennov Training

Training management solution

Why Choose Ennov ?

Hundreds of corporate customers trust Ennov Doc

  • Over 15 Years of experience providing electronic document management solutions
    • 150+ life science customers, many more in other industries
  • Modern architecture and interface
    • Highly scalable application server
    • 100% web-based and user-centric design
  • You matter to us
    • 98.5% of projects delivered on time and within budgets
    • Very high levels of customer satisfaction

We respect your freedom of choice

  • Available for cloud-based or on-premises deployment.
    • You can switch between options at any time.
  • We make you autonomous
    • Configuration and management require no IT skills
    • Integration through REST API
  • Improved security and optimized performance.
    • If cloud-based deployment is selected, we offer single-tenancy to minimize business interruption
    • Data is hosted locally for total flexibility

Structuring AND intuitive




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