PV-Entry – Efficient Data Entry


Efficient Data Entry

PV-Entry is a web based application designed to revolutionize pharmacovigilance case management. The interface has been optimized to meet the specific needs of those users engaged in receiving reports, entering data, and handling case follow-ups. Many functions have been developed in response to actual customer feedback to promote efficiency and improve the end user experience.

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General Software Description

Traditional PV systems have been focused on the needs of the data reviewers and users responsible for trending and analysis. PV-Entry is designed to work alongside PV-Works to maximise efficiency for those users responsible for handling large volumes of cases in high pressure call centre environments.

Benefits of PV-Analyzer solution

  • Industry led development – functionality developed to meet the specific needs of real system users
  • Promote efficiency – ensure accurate capture of regulatory important safety data by promoting efficiency and ease of use
  • Advanced technology – utilise novel technology to enhance user experience
  • Integrated solution – works seamlessly with PV-Works using consistent terminology and vocabulary
  • Rapid deployment – pure web solution for lightweight rapid deployment

Key features include

  • Powerful and high performance home screen case grid supports querying, sorting, filtering, and grouping
  • Search engine style querying using standard operators allows users to locate existing cases for follow-up with any available data fragments
  • Flexible case screens support different layouts for different cases types and user experience levels
  • Data sections can be customized to match typical call ‘flow’
  • Data fields can be modified with custom colour coding, description text, and present company specific help text
  • All vocabulary lists feature efficient searching functionality
  • Product, dose, batch hierarchy supported to meet the complex requirements of the standard PV data model
  • Novel selection matrices to allow rapid entry of multi-dimensional data values such as time to onset information and product assessment
  • Contact data entry is optimized to automatically recognise previous callers and allow auto-fill of information
  • Clinical sign coding is optimized to support rapid selection of codes from previous reporting history for case products and allow batch update of sign qualifier data
  • Configurable palette of commonly used text and data combinations to allow rapid entry of regularly used data
  • Speech to text functionality to support narrative and free text dictation
  • Flexible case bookmarking
  • Social style case tagging to support efficient case management and team integration
  • All of the critical compliance features like 21 CFR Part 11 audit trail and security functionality


  • Available as cloud based solution
  • Full web deployment compatible with all standard browsers
  • Utilises Oracle database on Windows / UNIX / Linux servers
  • Agile development methodology

Customers Love

  • Configurable interface: Data entry interface configured to reflect call flow, case type, and user experience level
  • Fresh web design: Modern and intuitive layout
  • Commonly used data palette: Speed up entry with drag-and-drop tool for regularly used data
  • Speech-to-text: Rapidly dictate long case narratives or other text to reduce time-consuming re-typing
  • Rapid deployment: Engage new or even temporary staff with reduced training overhead
  • Customer support: Experienced and knowledgeable support team on-hand to help you get the best out of your implementation and configuration



  • Lightweight case capture
  • Promotes efficiency and ease of use
  • Focused on call centre users needs
  • Seamlessly integrates with PV-Works and other PV modules
  • Pure web deployment
  • Search engine style case querying
  • Configurable data section and field layouts
  • Searchable vocabulary lists
  • Rapid coding tool
  • Commonly used data palette
  • Speech-to-text
  • Social case management tools
  • Regulatory compliance




Cloud-based or On Site





Ennov PV provides a comprehensive solution to the management and reporting of human and veterinary adverse events.


Remote safety data capture.

PDF file or dynamic browser-based web form.


Web based pharmacovigilance case data entry.

Efficient and configurable web interface. Speech to text.


Complete pharmacovigilance database with configurable workflows and reporting.


Signal detection and analysis.

Out-of-the-box use by business users.

Broad array of statistics. Powerful data cubing and visualisation.

Why Choose Ennov ?

Complete pharmacovigilance solution

  • Comprehensive features
    • Intuitive case entry
    • Validation workflows
    • Reporting to authorities
    • Advanced analysis
  • Manage any product type
    • Human drugs
    • Pharmaceutical drugs
    • Materiovigilance

We respect your freedom of choice

  • Available as cloud or on premise. You can switch between options at any time.
  • If cloud based we offer single-tenancy to minimize version upgrade risks and validation upgrades. Data is hosted locally for total flexibility, improved security and optimized performance.

Structuring AND intuitive

Ennov PV Works interface

From case entry…

PV- Ennov PV Graph

… to reporting …

PV- Ennov PV Graph

… and statistical analysis

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