NC/CAPA workflow solution

 Configurable without IT intervention

Real-time control of lead times and non-conformity costs

Business problem

Non-conformities and CAPA: quality at the heart of your organization

A quality software combining document and process management allows to effectively improve the management of non-conformities and associated action plans. It also provides management tools adapted to your business problems. Non-conformity management is a requirement of ISO 9001 standards. The benefits are significant. For a production process, for example, anomalies resolved at the design stage are significantly less costly than those resolved in manufacturing, or worse, once the products are distributed or sold. Addressing non-conformities involves the implementation and monitoring of action plans, the effectiveness of which will need to be assessed.


Structure the organization without constraining it

The implementation of a quality software allows to avoid the loss of information, to assign responsibilities according to clear rules and to have a global vision of the tasks. Each incident is recorded and the associated actions are tracked. Ennov offers significant added value thanks to its powerful workflow engine, which covers different scenarios:

  • Automatic multi-site assignment
  • Intelligent routing according to the type of incident
  • Calculation of the estimated times following the evaluation of the level of urgency
  • Quick system adaptations

Data exploitation is also essential. Ennov produces reports and automates the publication of indicators to monitor lead times and costs. These reports facilitate the QSE management process.

Proposed Solution

Coordination of the actors involved in the treatment of non-conformities

Ennov allows the coordination of non-conformities’ actors. Completed, pending or scheduled tasks are managed and further logged. The Ennov quality software has a complete and configurable workflow engine that enables the management procedures for non-conformities:

  • Quickly, flexibly and iteratively as needed
  • Set according to your non-conformity management rules
  • Including definition of steps
  • Definition of the actors and information to be processed by stage
  • Calculation of time limits to be respected
  • Non-conformity sheet accompanying the process


View of current non-conformities

The user has a task list that presents the master records to be processed, in list or calendar form. The department manager or entity manager has global views that present non-conformities classified by priority level, criticality, domain, site… The display methods and confidentiality rules are configurable.


Integrated statistics: control the process and analyze the data

Data export automatically feeds business or business intelligence tools. You have real-time control of lead times and costs associated with non-conformities, very useful in a continuous improvement of operational performance. Business indicators such as the number of incidents reported per product line, the average time required to process corrective actions or the cost of non-conformity can be monitored month by month.


Some nonconformity management features

  • User friendly interface for incident reporting with just a few clicks
  • Automatic routing to the right contacts based on the information entered
  • Email alerts on tasks to perform
  • History of exchanges throughout the treatment of non-conformities
  • Management of action plans in connection with non-conformities, with evaluation of the effectiveness for each corrective or preventive action
  • Global vision of non-conformities categorized according to business aspects (type of incident, gravity, product line…)
  • Automatically generated dashboards and monitoring panels
  • Automatically calculated indicators and statistics available online

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